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The Vivantes Prevention Center is an Excellence Center of the Department for Cardiology and Conservative Intensive Care. We take care of all your health problems in an atmosphere of comfort, quality and service.

We would consider it a privilege to gain your confidence and welcome you here as our patient.

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Vivantes Prevention Center
Tel. +49 (30) 130 12 3930
Fax +49 (30) 130 12 3937

Vivantes Prevention Center

Your health is your most valuable resource. For a life-long active and healthy lifestyle efficient preventive medical practices are necessary to prevent the occurrence of serious diseases by means of early detection of risk constellations, diagnosis and optimized treatments.

We offer medical check up examinations in all medical disciplines based on professional association guidelines. Our integrative approach efficiently coordinates all examinations with the Chief Physician expertise of our departments to put you at ease and give you a sense of confidence. The diagnostics take place in a setting of service-focussed philosophy with high modern standard of quality and highend medical care.

All our medical check ups are based on:

and are completed with a holistic health counselling and detailed medical report. In addition we offer you the following diagnostic examination packages.

The diagnostic spectrum of Vivantes Check Up

  • Internal Basic
    ECG, abdominal ultrasound
  • Internal Complete
    ECG, pulmonary function test, thoracic x-ray, abdominal ultrasound
  • Basic Cardiology
    ECG, ergometry, echocardiography, pulmonary function test, thoracic x-ray, long-term ECG, long-term blood pressure
  • Complete Cardiology
    Basic Cardiology plus cardio-CT/cardio-MRI
  • Basic Gastroenterology
    Abdominal ultrasonic examination, gastroscopy
  • Complete Gastroenterology
    Basic Gastroenterology plus colonoscopy
  • Special Gastroenterology (thyroid or Diabetes)
    Basic Gastroenterology plus ultrasonic examination and scintigraphy of thyroid or diabetes consultation with formulation of diet
  • Urology
    Ultrasonic examination of kidney, bladder, testicles and prostate, transrectal ultrasonic examination, urethrocystoscopy, urogram
  • Basic Gynaecology
    Hormonal status, ultrasonic examination, vaginal smear test cancer Screening
  • Complete Gynaecology (up to 25 or 50+)
    Basic Gynaecology plus PAP test, HPV test. Patients up to age 25: chlamydia test, over 50 years of age: mammography
  • Basic Orthopaedics
    X-ray diagnostics
  • Complete Orthopaedics
    Basic Orthopaedics plus MRI or CT
  • Basic Neurology
    Standard EEG, extracranial diagnostics of brain-feeding arteries
  • Complete Neurology
    Basic Neurology plus transcranial diagnostics of brainfeeding arteries or evoked responses or electromyography or neurography sleep deprivation EEG or long-term video EEG or logopedics or neuropsychological diagnostics
  • Neurology “stroke prevention”
    Basic Neurology plus MRI of cranium
  • Basic Dermatology
    Skin scratch test, tumour/allergy
  • Complete Dermatology, alopecia, andrology
    Basic Dermatology plus alopecia or andrology diagnostics
  • ENT
    Nasal endoscopy, ear microscopy, flexible rhinolaryngoscopy, audiometry, otoacustic emmissions, BERA, balance test, posturography
  • Ophthalmology
    Examination of both eyes, vision test, examination of ocular fundus, measurement of intraocular pressure, field of vision test
  • Other Specializations on request

Vivantes Services

Individually planned and implemented medical care, always accompanied by services such as:

How you can reach us

Vivantes Humboldt-Klinikum
Am Nordgraben 2 - 13509 Berlin

By car

Please enter “Am Nordgraben 2” into your navigation system. There is a sufficient number of parking spaces in front of the main entrance. Please give us your parking ticket at the time of your arrival.

By public transport

Please visit

U8 up to the station “Rathaus Reinickendorf” (Please leave the station via the exit “Polizei und Finanzamt”). Bus 220 up to the terminal stop “Humboldt-Klinikum” (direction “Humboldt-Klinikum”).